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Comptech blue by Isnaini

Template code:Tech-blue

Computer Template by Isnaini

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Pink Flower

Template Code: Pink Flower

Yellow Butterfly

Template Code: Yellow Butterfly

Black Luxury Car
Template Code: Black Luxury Car

Red Fruits
Template Code: Red Fruits

Blue Guitar

Template Code: Blue Guitar

3 Column Minima by Blogpowered
Template Code: 3 Column Minima

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jc said...

these templates are nice, but i prefer to create something original.

Mr Blogger Content said...

Hello, nice to visit your blog and it feel good about content!

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capybara said...

These are very nice looking templates.The only concern I have in changing my template is will it affect all the banners and links on my page.

Sudeaux Lux said...

Let me just say that after a few years of looking for something different and not understanding many of the info I find on 3 column templates, you, sir, ROCK! These templates are strictly and simply cut and paste. And there's room for modifying these and making them your own. Thank you! I'm picking out something now to use on my main website and maybe others I use.

sarahann said...

TY for this! I only have one issue, if you take a look at my blog, my description is off centered... lol and w/ my slight OCD its driving me mad.. If you could maybe help me out w/ that I would GREATLY appreciate it! TY, also, mind if I add you to my blogroll?

Rajesh N Butpur said...

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English Muse said...

Thank you!!!