Blogger Tips:Tips on how to get your blog on Google

Have you tried searching your blog on Google but there's no search results?I think your happy there and excited how to put your own blog on Google. But how it is important? If you're planning to make money with your blog, you must have a good traffic in your site(Ofcourse your site should have ads on your page). Like TV advertisements, TV networks are also paid. Like us, bloggers we can also do it . But first our aim is to put our blogs on the first page in Google Search.

Tips on how to get your blog in Google

1.Uniqueness. Try to make a post on your own idea without copying other's article. Do not steal others' article. This is called "plagiarism". If your going to copy someones post, you can paraphrase it or give credit to the author. Your content must be super unique, means that you only got that post and nobody else has copy of it.

Backlinks. Backlinks will greatly improve your Google pagerank. Put backlinks everywhere in the internet where it is possible. As long as you're not violating rules in that particular site.

.RSS. Add RSS feed to your blog. Many blogs are catalogued in an RSS feed, with each blog entry summarized as a feed item. This makes it easy for visitors to scan blog posts for items of interest.

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jc said...

Uniqueness of the article will attract more readers. So if your blog is simply copy & paste, think twice of posting it.

Unknown said...

This is your chance to make more money, advertise, be heard, etc. Make your posts distinct and exceptional!

James Barbosa said...

yes, this tips are very important. Especially to those who makes money using their blogs.

Tom Schelling said...

Content is the King and SEO is the Queen in the Internet Kingdom...

capybara said...

As blogger is owned by Google I found that my blog was automatically indexed when I launched it. I would imagine you would have to submit to the other search engines for indexing though.

Anonymous said...

I do found out that more useful backlink can improve a pagerank..

Kenny Williams said...

Yes article marketing is important for promoting your blog.