Blogger Tools:Useful widgets for your blog

A widget is a like a gadget your blog that you can move into, out of and anywhere inside the sidebar area of your blog. Widgets are simple to use and gives art to your blog. I don't recommend you to put it all in your blog but atleast, choose what is useful for you and your readers. Remember, do not overuse it because your blog posts are your emphasis! :D

Here are some useful widgets that i recommend to put in your blog.

1.aStore - Create a mini-store on your site provided by

2.Clocklink - displays various timezones of different places

 tagometer - displays the number of hits users saved your page.

4.Digg News - News about the latest Digg Stories.

5.Feedcount - Displays the number of visits in your blog.

6.Flickr Flash Photo Stream Badge - it displays the images in your flickr profile.

7.Google Calendar Widget - A stylish calendar provided by google.

8.Mybloglog's Recent readers - displays the mybloglog users that have visited your blog.

9.Technorati Link Count -displays the number of backlinks your blog has from one of the biggest blog authorities - Technorati.

10.Shoutmix - a shoutbox for your widget.

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jc said...

A widget is portable chunk of code that allows you to share content across the internet. Thats why its so nice to have one.