Blogger Hacks: Hide blog title and description

Blog title and description is very important in every blog. Search engines when indexing your blog use the title and description tags. But sometimes, there is a need of hiding them especially when you are using a header image. So here are two ways in doing this.

1st Option
This option is only applicable if your going to put a solid header image that will completely hide your title and description.

1. Go to "Page Elements" under the layout tab.

2. Click "Edit" on the title page element usually found BELOW the navbar page element on the top.

3. Upload your header image if haven't done it already and click on the radio button "behind title and description" under placement.

4. Save changes and view your blog.
Note: If this option doesn't work for you. You may use the 2nd option below.

2nd Option

1. Go to edit HTML under Layout and locate the following code:

#header h1 {
margin:5px 5px 0;
padding:15px 20px .25em;
display:none; /*<---Hiding blog title and description*/

2. Insert the line colored in red as seen above.

3. Save Template. Done!

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