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Blogging is fun especially when earning money with it. It is by putting google adsense( Google ads info ) in your blog or site. Unfortunately, you can't put more than 3 text ads each page. Don't worry, you can still put ads using other sites. Here is a list of sites where you can get such ads.

1. Bidvertiser. Bidvertiser ads are very similar to the ads of google. Here's an example of a blog having Google ads and bidvertiser ads: Click here. The Bidvertiser ads are located on the top and bottom portion of the blog post.

2. Google adsense. As mentioned earlier, it's way to earn money with your blog.

3. Shopping ads. This ads system is compatible with google adsense. It means that you can use it while there are google ads running on your blog. In this type of system, your going to advertise the products running on this site. One cool thing for moneymakers is you can put as much ads as you want on your page.

4. Text-link-ads. In this system,
Your link price is based on Alexa, Google PageRank, number of RSS subscribers, and other factors.

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